Chapter Leadership

Executive Board

Zoë Patterson


“As President, I get to serve as the liaison between our chapter and the University, Executive Office, and Panhellenic. I’m responsible for setting and ensuring chapter goals are met. I also get to assist everyone serving in leadership positions and watch them achieve positional and personal growth.”

Paige Beussink

Vice President of Operations

“As the Vice President of Operations, I am responsible for the operations and organization of our chapter. I help our chapter stay on top of deadlines, run the executive committee meetings, and help organize our leadership. I love my position because it allows me to interact with every sister and guide them to making our chapter the best it can be. I cannot wait for this upcoming year for Delta Nu!”

Abby Brey

Vice President of Event Management

“As Vice President of Event Management, I plan and oversee events for our chapter. This includes formals, Mom’s Day, Dad’s day, and socials with other sororities and fraternities. I love seeing our members having fun at these events!”

Paige Newlin

Vice President of Finance

“As Finance Vice President, I run all of the finances for the entire chapter when it comes to formals, philanthropy, and more. I do it all! I’m here to help out the chapter and all of my sisters with dues. I help to make financial plans that work for each sister.”

Emilee Steinkamp

Vice President of Marketing

“As Vice President of Marketing, I oversee all of our chapter’s marketing and recruitment operations. This includes our social media pages, website, PR events in the community and on campus, and leading the recruitment process alongside my team. It is so fun to recruit and welcome new women home to ADPi as well as showing the world everything there is to know about Delta Nu!”

Abby Gates

Vice President of Member Development

As Vice President of Member Development, I help to ensure our organizations standards, ideals, and attitudes are maintained throughout the year. Overall, my responsibilities empower sisters to hold each other accountable for their actions. I do this by reviewing our Standards Code, informing sisters of the ADPi Statements of Policy, and enforce Chapter Bylaws. My favorite part of this position is being able to help my sisters grow within their time here at Delta Nu!

Addison McMahan

Vice President of Membership Experience

“As Vice President of Membership Experience, I oversee all of our chapter’s new member education and sisterhood events. Being apart of welcoming and teaching the new members about ADPi is absolutely so much fun and rewarding.”

Avery Flowers

Vice President of Panhellenic Relations

“As Vice President of Panhellenic Relations, I get the opprotunity to represent and speak on behalf of ADPi in the Panhellenic community. I get the chance to create strong relationships with other Panhellenic chapters on campus. This position has allowed me to make so many friends and learn about Greek Life through a different perspective. I am happy and grateful that Delta Nu entrusted me to represent them on campus!”

Chapter Officers

Abby Stebner: Director of Primary Recruitment

Briana Watts: Director of Philanthropy

Emma Bruggar: Director of New Membership Experience

Caroline Pillers: Director of Academic Affairs

Art Chair: Taylor Wilson

Archivist: Olivia Raney

Banner Chair: Taylor Wilson

Bid Day Event Coordinator: Daley Drum

Campus Events Chair: Olivia Bowen

Chaplain: Audrey Fuiten

Chapter Foundation Ambassador: Bailee Ward

Community Service Specialist: Saige Carey

Digital Marketing Specialist: Delaney Shaffer

Recruitment and Marketing Media Specialist: Maggie Williams

Director of Continuous Open Recruitment: Lainey Busateri

Primary Recruitment and Decor Coordinator: Alexa Deluca

Recruitment Analyst: Saige Carey

Recruitment Analyst Assistant: Jayden Bauwens

Director of Alumnae Engagement: Ava Duncan

Director of Inclusion: Alyssa Kooyer

Director of Public Relations: Makayla Mersman

Director of Ritual Education: Libby McEntire

Leadership Engagement Specialist: Leilani Smith

Intramural Chair: Olivia Bowen

Merchandise Specialist: Sydney Wilke

Music Education Specialist: Lainey Busateri

Operations Specialist: Alyssa Kooyer

Panhellenic Relations Specialist: Julia Vasquez

Philanthropy Liaison: Taylor Hutcheson

Chapter Foundation Ambassador: Megan Maloney

Property Manager: Te’Mariah Dorsey

Risk Management: Abby Brey

Sisterhood Program Specialist: Ava Duncan

Wellness Specialist: Audrey Fuiten