Recruitment Week is a week that Potential New Members of sororities participate in to find their forever home. It is an exciting week where women meet members of each sorority and learn about the seven different sororities at Southeast Missouri State University. Each chapter at SEMO is unique, diverse, supportive, and have qualities and values that represent who they are. We hope that each woman at SEMO chooses to go through formal recruitment and find their home in one of our seven chapters on campus!

Go Greek Night

Go Greek Night is the first night of Recruitment. It is the most casual night. Each Potential New Member meets members from all seven sororities! The women of Alpha Delta Pi love getting to meet and know each Potential New Member!

Philanthropy Night

The second night of Recruitment is Philanthropy Night. Philanthropy Night gives Potential New Members a chance to learn about the different philanthropies that chapters support. Alpha Delta Pi supports the Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Alpha Delta Pi Foundation. Not only do we support these two philanthropies, Alpha Delta Pi also loves volunteering and supporting various local causes. Visit our Philanthropy page to learn more!

Sisterhood Night

Sisterhood night is the night that Alpha Delta Pi shares with Potential New Members different aspects of our sisterhood and what it means to us. Sisterhood is one of our biggest values in Alpha Delta Pi. It guides us and is shown through our open motto, “We Live For Each Other.” We love our sisterhood and love getting to share what it means to us!

Preference Night

Preference Night is the last and most formal night of Recruitment. This is a night that each Alpha Delta Pi member holds close to our hearts. It is a night where we show Potential New Members how much we have enjoyed getting to know them and how special being a sister of Alpha Delta Pi is! This is the night that Potential New Members choose which sorority they will call their home.

Bid Day

Bid Day is one of our favorite days of the year! Bid Day is when Potential New Members receive their “bid,” or invitation, to join their new sisterhood. They then run home to their new sisters and celebrate with a fun theme, fun music, and fun treats! This past year our theme was Icy. We had 31 perfect Alphas run home to Alpha Delta Pi! We cannot wait to welcome home more sisters this fall!

2023 Recruitment Information

Go Greek Night – Wednesday, August 23

Philanthropy Night – Thursday, August 24

Sisterhood Night – Friday, August 25

Preference Night – Saturday, August 26

Bid Day – Sunday, August 27

Registration for Recruitment 2023 coming soon!

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For all other Recruitment questions, please email Director of Primary Recruitment, Abby Stebner, at, or, Vice President of Marketing, Emilee Steinkamp, at

A Letter from our Vice President of Marketing

Dear PNM,

Hi!! My name is Emilee Steinkamp and I am the Vice President of Marketing for Delta Nu. Recruitment has always been something that I’ve loved; it is where I found my home, my opportunity for growth, my forever best friends, and my chance to be a part of something bigger than myself. Going through recruitment was by far my best decision and has made my college experience at SEMO the best it could possibly be. For those of you going through recruitment, remember to keep an open mind. Greek Life can open up doors for new opportunities and growth. During your college experience you will make lifelong memories, make meaningful friendships, and find your forever home. On behalf of Alpha Delta Pi, we cannot wait to meet you all and be a part of you finding your home. It truly is the best experience and I am so excited for you! Have the best summer and we will meet you this fall!

-Emilee Steinkamp, AC ’20

A Letter from our Director of Primary Recruitment

Dear PNM,

I can’t wait for you all to get to SEMO! College is the best time of your life! There are so many opportunities that await you and Greek Life is just one of those amazing opportunities. I ran home to Alpha Delta Pi in Fall 2020 and it was the best decision I could have made. Alpha Delta Pi at SEMO is such a diverse group of girls which allows for growth and many opportunities. I personally have grown so much over the past two years and for that I thank my sisters. They have pushed me to be the best version of myself and encouraged me to achieve goals I didn’t know were possible. I am so excited to meet you, and I hope you find your home away from home just like I did at SEMO!

-Abby Stebner, AC ‘20