Why ADPi

I chose ADPi because of the energy that hit me when I walked through the doors. Recruitment can be a little stressful. However, each night I walked through the doors of Alpha Delta Pi, the smiles and conversations I had with all of the girls were so genuine and made me feel at home. I knew I wanted to be an ADPi on Preference Night when I almost cried because it was time to leave, haha! I was so worried that living at home I would have a hard time finding friends because I’m not around as much, however every event we’ve had I’ve been greeted by not only my friends but girls I haven’t talked to and it’s such a good feeling being welcomed by everyone no matter where I go. Although my freshman year was cut short, I will always cherish the many sleepovers I had with my friends in Towers and Merick and the many hours spent studying with sisters at the library. I’m looking forward to living in the Pi Palace next year and having the experience of being roommates with my best friend and having my closest friends right down the hall from me. ADPi has been so worth it for me and truly brought me my best friends!

-Karissa Waller, AC ’19

The reason I chose ADPi was because as soon as I walked through the doors at recruitment I felt at home and surrounded by the most amazing and inspiring women. ADPi has brought me girls that motivate me to always do better in anything that I am doing! Freshman year didn’t go as planned but I still got to experience some amazing things with ADPi. My favorite memory from this year was getting my diamond family, they are so amazing and I couldn’t have done freshmen year without them! Also, this year I was blessed to meet some of my very best friends that I get to live with next year in the Pi Palace! My freshman year in ADPi has already helped me grow so much as a person and I look forward to what the next 3 years bring me

-Andersyn Frick, AC ’19

I fell in love with ADPi on the first night of recruitment. Walking in, I felt so comfortable and accepted instantly. The memories that I’ve made the past two years will stay with me forever! I’m so grateful for all the laughs, late nights at the Pi Palace, and countless other memories. I also can’t wait to move off campus with my closest friends!! If I ever need anything, I have so many sisters I can turn to, and that’s why I hold ADPi so close to my heart!!

-Lillie Schoenky, AC ’18

I went through recruitment as a Junior in the Fall of 2018. I didn’t know a single person when I came to SEMO, and was interested in meeting people and making some friends. I never considered myself a sorority girl until I came home to ADPi. I immediately made connections with girls that were on a personal level. After coming home to ADPi, I connected with the girls in my Alpha class immediately and made stronger friendships in a matter weeks than I ever did at my old college where I attended for two years. It breaks my heart to only be able to have one more active semester in ADPI, but I am so grateful to have made these friendships that I know will last way after college is over for me. These are my people and I have found my place!! Thank you Alpha Delta Pi!

-Morgan Smith, AC ’18