Alpha Delta Pi prides itself on our strong sisterhood. There is truly nothing we love more than our sisters! Alpha Delta Pi has been a place for women to build strong friendships while creating lifelong memories in one of the most exciting times of life for many years. Our chapter is made up of women with many unique talents and personalities. These sisters are the ultimate support system and push us to be the best version of ourselves daily. Our sisterhood in Alpha Delta Pi is what makes SEMO a home for each of us.

Our open motto, “We Live For Each Other,” demonstrates the strong bonds of sisterhood within our chapter. Whether it is staying up late to help a sister study for a test, going on a late night food run, comforting a sister through a hard time, having dance parties in the Pi Palace, or simply growing and learning throughout our college years with our sisters by our side, we truly live for each other each and every day.

While our sisterhood brings us together in many ways, we also celebrate this sisterhood with various events throughout the year. We have had bonfires, went roller skating, went to a trampoline park, had chapter dinners, had Bachelor watch parties, study parties, a Galentine’s party, movie nights, and much more. We even held a sisterhood event during quarantine by holding a virtual 8-Ball Pool Tournament!

To get a further glimpse into our sisterhood, make sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, VSCO, TikTok, and Spotify and to check back to our website for blog posts! Sisterhood is much deeper than what we post on social media, but we hope this can help you gain a little insight to the love we have for one another!