Membership in Alpha Delta Pi is something that we all cherish, and there are multiple aspects to Alpha Delta Pi that make being a sister so special.

Alpha Membership

Alpha Membership begins following bid day and up until Diamond Days. During the Alpha phase of membership, Alphas attend weekly meetings to learn all about Alpha Delta Pi’s history, Delta Nu’s history, and what it means to be an Alpha Delta Pi. There are so many exciting components to being an Alpha, including Alpha Retreat, getting a big diamond sister, meeting so many new friends, riding on the float at Homecoming, finding a home away from home, and so much more.

Alpha Retreat

Alpha Retreat is a fun event for Alphas organized by our Vice President of Membership Experience and Director of New Member Experience. This event is an opportunity for Alphas to get to know the girls in their class and build lifelong bonds!

Big/Little Reveal

Big/Little Reveal is one of the most anticipated days of the year! At big/little reveal, each Alpha gets a Big Diamond Sister and becomes a part of a Diamond Family. These big sisters and families are a support system and outlet of love and encouragement for littles! The day is filled with baskets, fun shirts, and excitement! In the past, we have used short descriptions, boxes, songs and other creative ways to reveal our big/little pairs! Alpha Class ’19 can’t wait to meet their future littles at recruitment this fall.

Chapter Retreat

Chapter Retreat is an event that we hold once a year. It is a day that our sisters come together to do team building activities and more to get closer to each other! We look forward to this event as it always makes our sisterhood stronger.

Diamond Days

Diamond Days are the days in which an Alpha member becomes a Delta member of Alpha Delta Pi! It is where Alphas learn fully what Alpha Delta Pi is all about and when they become official members of our sisterhood. The week is filled with fun activities, including a dinner at Lambert’s Cafe! Diamond Days is so special to Alpha Delta Pi and is truly a heartwarming event to experience!

Tabling Events

Throughout the year, our sisters hold events at the University Center called “tabling events” where we get to know others on campus or support various causes! We have had tabling events giving out valentine’s treats, lemonade, candy, pens, popsicles, and more to students at SEMO. We have also held events raising money for RMHC and advocating for the end to hazing on college campuses.


Homecoming is a long standing Southeast tradition that takes place in the fall during a home football game. To celebrate, Sororities and fraternities on campus pair up with fun competitions in honor of SEMO! These include: chalk art, window art, a blood drive, a spirit rally, building a float, riding in a parade, and more. This past year, the theme of Homecoming was Children’s Story Books, and our book was Peter Pan! We dressed as Tinkerbell, Pirates, Wendy, and Peter Pan for our spirit rally. Our float was made to look like Captain Hook’s ship. Our float took first place and we finished second overall. Along with this, our sister, Francesca Bucci, was named Southeast’s 2019 Woman of the Year!

Greek Week

Greek Week is an event held in the spring to celebrate Greek Life and all it offers. Like homecoming, sororities and fraternities are paired again with varying competitions. For Greek Week, each pairing is given a local philanthropy to raise money for. Activities of Greek Week include a clothing drive, blood drive, canned food drive, a walk for Domestic Violence Awareness, Greek Games, a spirit rally, various art competitions, and a competition called Greek Sing where each pairing makes a skit incorporating SEMO and their theme for the rest of Greek Life. Greek Week was cancelled this year due to COVID-19, but Greek Week 2019’s theme was reality TV shows, and our show was Keeping Up with the Kardashians! It was so much fun, check out our “About Us” page to see our accomplishments from the week!

Opportunity with ADPi

Alpha Delta Pi offers many opportunities to its members. Alpha Delta Pi offers webinars to learn about various useful topics for its members, conferences for chapter officers, and events like Leadership Seminar, Adelphean Compass, and Grand Convention that members can attend to learn more about Alpha Delta Pi, about being a young professional, and how to have an active role in the national organization. Last summer, our sisters Katie and Brooke attended Grand Convention in Las Vegas. This past January, our officers traveled to Atlanta for Adelphean Compass and Officer Academy. On top of these opportunities, our sisters have also built lifelong networks that have helped them find jobs and more in their post-college lives.